Irrigation to Solve Water Issues

We haven’t had to deal with drought like many other areas of North America – in fact at times the opposite – but that doesn’t eliminate the need for good water stewardship.

Lawns and other homeowner use can account for up to 70% of municipal water use in urban areas like the GTA during the summer months. During extended dry periods – even of a week or ten days – we’re often tempted to immediately over-water. Multiply that tendency by the number of homeowners and it’s clear how such behaviour can drain municipal water reservoirs.

• General guideline: during the height of summer weather, a lawn requires about 2.5cm (or 1-inch) of water per week.

Any manual system of watering – whether it’s an irrigation system or an old-fashioned lawn sprinkler – will need constant adjustments. Some weeks we’ve been deluged while other weeks such as earlier in the summer, we saw very little rain in the Toronto area.

Smart Irrigation Solves The Problem
A new, smart water system will automatically adjust for real-time environmental conditions, including

• Temperature
• Rainfall
• Humidity

Effective design
A properly designed irrigation system minimizes runoff and water wasted on paved or other hard surfaces. If you’re using a typical lawn sprinkler, this can be hard to achieve. If you have an older sprinkler system, changes in your lawn and landscaping over time can make the pattern of spraying inefficient.

The old-style solution of a sprinkler and a hose results in a lot of waste and in our constantly changing climate, constant adjustment. Today’s smart sprinkler systems take all the guesswork out of the equation and water your lawn

Let FutureGreen Experts Help
Contact us today for a free consultation with our residential irrigation specialists. We can advise you about the best options specific to your situation, along with expert installation and maintenance services.

Contact us for any of your irrigation design or maintenance service needs by visiting us online at Call (416) 553-7488 in Toronto, 905-960-0040 in York Region or 705-999-0907 in Barrie or toll free 1-866-936-5296 for a free consultation with no obligation at any time. You’ll be glad you did!

It’s our mission to provide our customers with the best in irrigation and lawn sprinkler system installation and service, exceeding all expectations – whether it’s a new installation or maintaining an existing system. With Future Green Irrigation, no project is too large or too small and you deal directly with the principals of our business, which provides you with a commitment to quality through a personalized, hands-on approach and peace-of-mind through accountability and trust. We cover the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Durham, Barrie, Newmarket, Bradford, Orangeville and Caledon, Ontario.


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