July is Smart Irrigation Month

Hope everyone had a happy Canada Day yesterday!

Here is an older post of ours that perfectly coincides with the July weather and the current season we are in.

South of the border, the push is on during July to increase awareness of the value of irrigation as a water-saving service. The focus of Smart Irrigation Month is on business related applications such as agriculture, commercial landscaping or golf course applications, but the principles hold true for individual homeowners too.

Irrigation Means Smart Water Use
Part of the focus is on educating homeowners on the value of irrigation for responsible water use. The public awareness campaign emphasized the benefits of sprinkler systems as part of an overall strategy for efficient water use. As a matter of public policy, the value of wise water use is clear.

• It saves money because there’s little or no waste
• Protects the future water supply

Today’s smart irrigation systems go well beyond a simple sprinkler that delivers water over a set area. Smart water sprinkler systems use technology to ensure that the precise amount of water required is delivered when and where it’s needed.

Smart water technology
• Monitors the weather and adjusts watering for actual conditions
• Minimizes evaporation and overwatering
• Makes watering the yard easy – just set the system and forget about it, even when you’re not at home

Along with the basic values and features of a smart irrigation system, the public education campaign also emphasized the need for continuous maintenance and upgrading of existing systems to maintain optimal results. A smart system is only as good as its current operating condition and even small malfunctions can upset the overall balance. New improvements are coming along all the time and it’s worthwhile to look into upgrading even if the system works as designed – because designs are getting better and better.

Let FutureGreen Experts Help
Our experienced residential irrigation technicians can tailor an irrigation system to your specific needs. We can custom design a system that works for you and saves water and money too.

Contact us for any of your irrigation design or maintenance service needs by visiting us online at http://www.futuregreenirrigation.ca. Call (416) 553-7488 in Toronto, 905-960-0040 in York Region or 705-999-0907 in Barrie or toll free 1-866-936-5296 for a free consultation with no obligation at any time. You’ll be glad you did!

It’s our mission to provide our customers with the best in irrigation and lawn sprinkler system installation and service, exceeding all expectations – whether it’s a new installation or maintaining an existing system. With Future Green Irrigation, no project is too large or too small and you deal directly with the principals of our business, which provides you with a commitment to quality through a personalized, hands-on approach and peace-of-mind through accountability and trust. We cover the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Durham, Barrie, Newmarket, Bradford, Orangeville and Caledon, Ontario.

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