Water Conservation: Water Recycling and Irrigation Touted as the Solution

Water stress is one of the latest watchwords – a term for the kind of shortages that the world has seen with increasing regularity. A new global study looks at effective strategies for reducing water stress and preventing water scarcity worldwide.

The main tools suggested by the researchers from McGill and Utrecht Universities are irrigation and water recycling. The report outlines strategies that they assert can be combined in various ways to respond to the needs of different locations around the world.

Flexibility is important since water stress and scarcity isn’t just something that affects certain countries or even certain situations. It’s not just a problem in the developing world; California is facing a severe drought situation and Arizona and Nevada are heading for similar issues.

The Problems
Old habits and attitudes are at the heart of the problem. Old irrigation techniques, industrial and consumer water user habits – add climate change to the mix and you have the current situation. Despite the immensity of the problem, though, the researchers believe that those problems can be solved and the current situation significantly improved in just over 35 years.

Water stress is defined as a situation where over 40 percent of the water available from rivers is actually not available because it’s already being used – a situation that about a third of the world’s population already faces. If water usage patterns stay the same, that fraction may rise to more than 50% by the end of this century.

Flood irrigation is the type still currently in use in much of the world, a practice where the fields are flooded and then the water runs out through a system of ditches to rivers and creeks nearby. It’s a system that wastes water and potentially pollutes the surrounding environment. A move to more efficient drip irrigation would go a long way towards reaching the goal of relieving water stress.

Drip irrigation (also called micro-irrigation) involves – just as the name implies – a system of flexible hoses that drip the water directly onto the roots of plants and trees. There is virtually zero waste or runoff. Water goes exactly where it’s needed and exactly when it’s needed due to weather-sensitive smart water sensors. It is estimated to save 30 to 50 percent over traditional irrigation systems.

Reducing waste through proper maintenance of public water infrastructures and improving water-recycling facilities was also among the measures advanced for the overall goal of water use reduction.

The Latest Technology Really Is The Best
At FutureGreen Irrigation, we’ve always touted the great value of irrigation as an environmentally responsible way of reducing water use through efficient technology. If you haven’t looked at irrigation systems lately and if your system is even five years old, you owe it to yourself to check out the latest innovations in residential sprinkler technology. In a world where water is more and more precious, you can’t afford to waste a single drop. The latest systems take all the guesswork out of efficient water use.

Let FutureGreen Experts Help
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