Keeping Your Yard Healthy During the Hot and Dry Summer Months


Although this summer hasn’t been quite the scorcher that we all wanted it to be, it’s had its patches of extremely hot and dry days. With this kind of patchy and inconsistent weather, the usual summer time irrigation and lawn care methods aren’t used as much. With a hot and dry summer heat, gardeners and the like are facing challenges with keeping their lawns and gardens well maintained and hydrated.

Having your lawn withering away one day and then flooding it the next isn’t the healthiest thing to do to your lawn. Instead, a consistent and strategic watering schedule is essential for a healthy lawn.

Under normal weather conditions, watering your lawn every 2 or 3 days is more than enough. But when there are patchy heat wave warnings here and there, you should be watering it daily to ensure that your lawn doesn’t get stressed and starts dying off. If you start to notice some brownish/yellow patches on your lawn then you might not be watering long enough, or even often enough.

A typical water sprinkler will deliver roughly .69cm to .76cm of water for each hour that it runs, but during the extreme heat the average amount of moisture evaporating from your lawn is anywhere between .64cm to 89cm each day! So having a strategic watering schedule that adapts to what the upcoming weather will be like is essential to having a healthy and beautiful looking lawn.

Bottom line- watering every day will at best barely keep up with the amount of moisture of that you lose to the heat.

Another important factor to consider is cost. If your irrigation system run on city water, an average 60’ X 100’ lot will cost approx. $8 of water each time it runs a normal cycle. Mind you, this depends on which city you live in and which municipality you are from. A simple chat with your local lawn contractor will help you find the number and will help you fit it into your budget.

Our contractors at Future Green have over 30 years of experience in installing residential and commercial Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation systems. We are also proud to have served many of Ontario’s most elite golf courses as a testament to our irrigation service quality.

We are a local company, and members of the Irrigation Association and are proud to serve Toronto. GTA, Vaughn, Markham, Richmond Hill, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, York Region, Durham Region, Bradford, Barrie, Ontario and beyond.

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