Irrigation for your Plants

A beautiful green lawn is a homeowner’s dream, but many property owners in Toronto and the GTA are also cultivating vegetables along with the trees, shrubs and flowers we associate with an urban or suburban backyard.

Naturally, your irrigation needs will depend on the kinds of plants that you include in your landscaping – grass, flower beds, raised beds of flowers or vegetables and more. International examples show that no matter where or what you plant, irrigation can be used to grow.

The Living Wall
Here in the GTA, the living wall concept can only be taken so far. We simply don’t have the climate for the kind of lush, often flowered living walls that you can now find in tropical climates.

A living wall, quite simply, grows plants and flowers vertically up a wall, usually of a high-rise. Take as an example the newly opened One Central Park high-rise in Sydney Australia, whose 116-metre vertical garden wall was design by French botanist Patrick Blanc. The residential building also includes a striking cantilevered Sky Garden on the roof. The facts are staggering:

• The vertical garden takes up 1200 square metres
• It includes 350 different species of plants
• Over 35,000 plants in all
• 5,500 planter boxes that surround every level of the East and West Towers and five levels of the retail level

Blanc created a unique system where the plants use no soil, simply attaching themselves to the boxes and the surrounding architecture. Each planter is supplied by its own irrigation system that runs through a computerized smart system which monitors environmental conditions and adjusts for them.

Let FutureGreen Experts Help
You may not be contemplating anything near as complex, but our experienced residential irrigation technicians can tailor an irrigation system to your specific needs. We can custom design a system that works for you and saves water and money too, using the same kind of smart system technology as a major project like the Australian high-rise.

Contact us for any of your irrigation design or maintenance service needs by visiting us online at Call (416) 553-7488 in Toronto, 905-960-0040 in York Region or 705-999-0907 in Barrie or toll free 1-866-936-5296 for a free consultation with no obligation at any time. You’ll be glad you did!

It’s our mission to provide our customers with the best in irrigation and lawn sprinkler system installation and service, exceeding all expectations – whether it’s a new installation or maintaining an existing system. With Future Green Irrigation, no project is too large or too small and you deal directly with the principals of our business, which provides you with a commitment to quality through a personalized, hands-on approach and peace-of-mind through accountability and trust. We cover the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Durham, Barrie, Newmarket, Bradford, Orangeville and Caledon, Ontario.


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