Recognizing common lawn problems

Sometimes lawn problems that look like diseases or pests are simply caused by too much or too little watering. Most often, improper watering is the cause of a wilted, unhappy-looking lawn.

Symptoms of under-watering

A lawn that doesn’t get enough water will appear wilted. Most plants wilt when under-watered because there is not enough water to create turgor pressure (the measure of water within the cells that creates pressure to hold the plant upright) within the plant. The lack of turgor pressure within the grass blades also makes it difficult for the lawn to bounce back after being walked on, leaving unsightly footprints on the lawn long after being walked on and also creating undue stress on the individual blades of grass.   Under-watered lawns may also have a bluish-green tinge to them, before finally turning brown in patches and appearing dead or dormant, meaning it will not grow.

If plenty of water is being provided to the lawn but it still presents symptoms of being under-watered, thatch could be an issue. Thatch is the accumulation of dead grass, grass clippings and other organic material between the soil layer and the grass. It should be raked away if it is more than half an inch thick, because if it is too thick the water will not get to the grass.

Symptoms of an overwatered lawn

Too much of a good thing can be bad, and the same goes for watering a lawn. When the soil around the lawn becomes water-logged, there isn’t enough oxygen in the soil for the roots and the lawn can suffocate. Excess water in the soil can also lead to higher soil microbe activity, which can release waste products that are toxic to the lawn’s roots. In addition, an overwatered lawn can be susceptible to root rot, causing it to wilt and eventually die off.

Because the signs of an overwatered lawn can resemble the signs of an under-watered lawn, many homeowners will continue to water their lawn even more frequently when it looks wilted or unhealthy. All of this confusion about when to water, how much water to use and when you should just leave your lawn alone can be eliminated with a properly installed irrigation system.

Residential irrigation systems have come a long way in their design and function. Smart residential lawn sprinkler systems can be a one-stop shop for all of your lawn watering needs by providing more precise watering. A smart residential lawn sprinkler system can prevent overwatering and under watering by providing your lawn with the water it needs, as well as eliminate wasted water by detecting recent rainfall.

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