Next Spring: A New/Renewed Sprinkler System and a New Lawn

A professionally installed irrigation system that’s regularly and properly maintained should last you 10 to 30 years. Still, everything mechanical has an expiry date of some kind. You may be able to get by with repairs for a while but there will come a time when a new system is the only way forward.

Signs that you may need a new system rather than a repair:
• You’re constantly repairing leaks

• Corroded piping

• The development of wet or dry spots (likely caused by faulty heads) – especially multiple

• Increased water costs with no apparent explanation

• Increased overall maintenance costs year after year

Irrigation Systems + Lawn Renovation

Fall can be an ideal time to combine irrigation installation with other seasonal work. New perennials and bulbs have to be planted and it’s a favourable time to remedy a thin or poorly growing lawn with new sod. The cooler weather forms the ideal conditions for northern grasses to root; in the absence of the hot sun, moisture tends to stay in the earth longer. Work done in the fall helps to ensure your spring growth is more robust.

While the landscaping is getting attention, it can also a good time to install or renovate an in-ground residential sprinkler system.

Lawn Tips:
• Irrigate lightly right away for good seed-soil contact

• Water once or twice a day in the beginning so that soil remains moist but not sodden

In the spring you’ll enjoy optimal conditions for your new lawn growth along with improved energy efficiency from a modern sprinkler system and/or components.

Ask the Experts at FutureGreen Irrigation

Our experienced irrigation technicians can answer any of your questions regarding lawn irrigation systems, including the latest innovations and techniques. We can also winterize your sprinkler system so you’ll have an easy start up next spring as well as protecting the valuable system components you rely on from potential damage.

• Contact us for a consultation or appointment today.

Contact us for any of your irrigation design or maintenance service needs by visiting us online at Call (416) 553-7488 in Toronto, 905-960-0040 in York Region or 705-999-0907 in Barrie or toll free 1-866-936-5296 for a free consultation with no obligation at any time. You’ll be glad you did!


It’s our mission to provide our customers with the best in irrigation and lawn sprinkler system installation and service, exceeding all expectations – whether it’s a new installation or maintaining an existing system. With Future Green Irrigation, no project is too large or too small and you deal directly with the principals of our business, which provides you with a commitment to quality through a personalized, hands-on approach and peace-of-mind through accountability and trust. We cover the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Durham, Barrie, Newmarket, Bradford, Orangeville and Caledon, Ontario.

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