Lawn Irrigation in the Fall

Autumn brings with it the lovely warm golds and reds of falling leaves, cooler evenings and a chill in the air. It also generally brings more rain than the hot summer months and this year seems like no exception.

  • Ask us about smart controllers and other weather sensitive technology that will make seasonal adjustments automatically and can take all the work out of it for you.

Many home sprinkler owners are tempted to shut down their irrigation systems early or cut back drastically on their watering schedule in response to the change in the weather. It’s true that in many cases, you can reduce the amount of irrigation by up to half of its summertime peak. There are some circumstances, however, where your lawn and garden does still require more moisture than you think.

  • Overseeding: If your cool weather grasses were stressed during the summer and growth is spotty, many people ‘overseed’ in the fall. This involves spreading seed over existing grass for thicker growth. If you overseed or add new turf, it will need extra water to establish growth before the first frost.
  • Fall Planting & Seeding: Fall is also a time for gardeners and landscape artists – planting time. Your new plants need steady watering after planting so that they develop roots and establish solid growth before the frost sets in.

Your new landscaping plans may change your irrigation requirements and require re-designing or renovating your system to ensure that new plants, flowerbeds and other elements flourish.

Don’t Quit Too Early
Whether you plan on making landscaping or lawn changes or not, it’s a mistake to stop making sure your lawn is adequately watered too early in the season. We recommend that you continue to monitor moisture levels (unless your automatic system is doing it for you!) until late fall when the ground actually freezes. Winter weather actually results in dry conditions underground, no matter how much snow there is above it, so making sure it’s properly irrigated until that point is key to facilitating regrowth in the spring.

Go Green with Irrigation
Irrigation systems have been proven to save both money and water and are the environmentally friendly solution to a lush green lawn. Why not contact FutureGreen Irrigation today for a quote or consultation on a new residential irrigation system or system renovation today? We keep abreast of the very latest developments and cutting edge technology to provide you with the very best of irrigation solutions designed for any conditions.

The Future Green Irrigation team has over 30 years of experience in installing and servicing residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation systems, using only best-in class products Toro and Rainbird lawn sprinklers.

Explore our site to find out more or contact us today for a free on-site quote by calling (416) 553-7488 in Toronto, (705) 999-0907 in Barrie or Toll Free (866) 936-5296. You and your lawn will be glad you did!

About Future Green Irrigation: Canadian owned & operated, we provide Lawn Sprinkler Systems & Irrigation Systems for homes, businesses and golf courses throughout Barrie, Toronto, the GTA and beyond including Bradford, Aurora, Bolton, Caledon, Innisfil, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood and Newmarket, Ontario.

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