Sprinkler Valve Shut Off DIY

If your residential irrigation system isn’t working as it should, naturally one of your first thoughts is to call FutureGreen Irrigation to have a look at the problem. When it comes to sprinkler systems however, sometimes the situation calls for more immediate action and often there are steps you can safely take on your own.

For example, what if the valves don’t shut off – and your sprinkler, rather than stopping at the time you’ve chosen, simply continues to run, and run and run…?

  • First, try disconnecting one of the valve wires. If the valve shuts off, then the malfunction is in the timer.
  • If that doesn’t work, check the bleed screw to see if it’s loose or broken. (The bleed screw is the one that you can open or tighten to release pressure)
  • If it is a new installation, the issue may be low water pressure. You should consider replacing the valve with one made for low flow conditions.
  • If nothing has worked so far, turn off the main water supply and flush for about 15 seconds.
  • The problem may also be damage to the diaphragm.

Our experienced technicians are available for advice and consultation in addition to repairs and maintenance to your existing system.

Go Green with Irrigation
Irrigation systems have been proven to save both money and water and are the environmentally friendly solution to a lush green lawn. Why not contact FutureGreen Irrigation today for a quote or consultation on a new residential irrigation system or system renovation today? We keep abreast of the very latest developments and cutting edge technology to provide you with the very best of irrigation solutions designed for any conditions.

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