Residential Sprinkler Systems: Sprinkler Heads

Every component of a well-designed residential sprinkler system is important and a lot goes into choosing just the right ones. When it comes to sprinkler heads, you’ll find a variety of them in residential systems, including:

  • Large area rotors
  • Rotating stream spray sprinklers
  • Small area fan spray sprinklers

The design of a residential sprinkler system has to take a lot of details into account, including the placement of vegetation and grade of the ground. Sprinkler heads may be mounted right at ground level and pop up when in use, or they may be mounted above the ground for use with shrubs, for instance.  The area covered by a sprinkler head may range from an 8’ to a 40’ radius.

There are a few general rules of thumb:

  • You want to end up with a slight overlap in the areas of adjacent sprinkler heads for even water distribution; too far apart will leave dry patches.
  • Use as large an area rotor as you can; if you can use a larger area rotor, it will typically mean less piping, fewer valves and a smaller controller – it’s more efficient.
  • Don’t install different types of sprinkler heads in the same zone as you can’t achieve an even overlap.

High Efficiency Nozzles
Like many other areas of sprinkler design, sprinkler heads have come a long way in terms of innovations. Our suppliers, such as Rainbird, can offer you the latest in cutting edge technology, including high efficiency rotating sprinkler nozzles.

High efficiency sprinkler nozzles give you a gentle and stream of water at a lower rate, which allows the water and nutrients to fully penetrate the soil. Along with its practical benefits, the spray also creates an attractive display when it’s in operation.

  • They are great for slopes and hillsides, working to help reduce soil erosion and runoff, which saves you more than water and money.
  • They are ideal for areas where there’s low water pressure – high efficiency nozzles operate at a lower pressure while still giving you even coverage.
  • They don’t mist or fog at high pressures

Even if your sprinkler system is working well and as designed, retrofitting your existing system with high efficiency sprinkler heads makes sense in terms of cost as well as water savings.

It’s Going to be a Long, Hot Summer
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