Residential Irrigation – Avoid DIY Regret

Installing your own sprinkler system might seem like a good way to save money. Dig a few holes, some outdoor plumbing – you’re handy, so what’s the problem?

The problem is that improper installation can result in a faulty system that just doesn’t get the job done right. A sprinkler system that’s properly installed will save you money as it conserves water and ensures that the water is used most efficiently.

If you’ve moved into a home with an existing system, you may not know whether your sprinkler system was professionally installed or not. Improper installation may result in many issues; here are some of the common signs that your system isn’t functioning as it should because of design flaws and that you may be wasting water:

  • Your sprinklers are operating in the rain
  • Water that puddles or runs off – i.e. it’s not being absorbed into the ground
  • Water spraying in the wrong direction or angle
  • Water geysers due to missing nozzle or a broken sprinkler
  • Water misting around the sprinklers from over pressure
  • Runoff from excessive irrigation
  • Plant growth obstructing the sprinkler
  • A weak stream of water that may be due to clogging or inadequate pressure
  • The edge of one sprinkler spray doesn’t match the next, or overlaps it
  • The system is watering driveways, sidewalks, streets
  • Water is leaking from valves

Professional Design & Installation
Professional installation takes into account many different issues that can affect the operation of your sprinkler system, including the specifications of your lot and plant growth, knowledge of water conservation technology as well as any applicable local regulations and restrictions on water use. A professional design is the key to solving problems before they happen.

The Environmental Advantage
At Future Green Irrigation, we can offer you the latest new technology. Toro and Rainbird, our featured suppliers can even provide “smart” technology with features like controllers that automatically determine how much water plants actually need based on realtime conditions.

The Future Green Irrigation team has over 30 years of experience in installing and servicing residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation systems, using only best-in class products Toro, Rainbird and Hunter lawn sprinklers.

Explore our site to find out more or contact us today for a free on-site quote by calling (416) 553-7488 in Toronto, (705) 999-0907 in Barrie or Toll Free (866) 936-5296. You and your lawn will be glad you did!

About Future Green Irrigation: Canadian owned & operated, we provide Lawn Sprinkler Systems & Irrigation Systems for homes, businesses and golf courses throughout Barrie, Toronto, the GTA and beyond including Bradford, Aurora, Bolton, Caledon, Innisfil, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood and Newmarket, Ontario.

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