Irrigation Systems – Filters

The proper use of filters in an irrigation system can mean less maintenance overall and actually prolong the life of your system. Even if very small particles, such as grains of sand, can physically pass through the system, they cause wear and tear, and a single grain of sand in a spray nozzle can result in a dry spot on your lawn.

Along with hard particles like sand, soft organic materials like algae, slime and mold can also clog up your system and result in inefficient spray.

Types of Irrigation Filters:

  • Screen filters are good for removing hard particles from your irrigation system but not so great for algae, slime and other non-solid materials. They can be cleaned with water or by hand.
  • Cartridge filters – these you replace rather than clean. They often use paper with a rough texture that works on organic material as well as hard stuff.
  • Media filters force the water through an area lined with small sharp-edged media such as crushed sand. These are best for organic material, which snags on the sharp edges.
  • Disk filters are something like a cross between screen and media filters. They’re good at removing both kinds of particles. They are constructed as a stack of round disks, each one covered with small bumps, and each bump has a sharp point that catches materials as the water is forced through.
  • Centrifugal filters are usually used for sand and other hard particles only. These don’t clog up as easily as other types. The centrifugal force moves the sand particles to the outside edge of the cylinder, where they fall into a holding tank at the bottom.

What Type of  Irrigation Filter is Best for You?
There are several factors that go into choosing the right kind, including the type of system you’re using of course, along with your water source, drainage, desired maintenance schedule, budget and other issues.

Let us give you our best advice, whether you’re installing a new system, maintaining or upgrading an existing sprinkler system.

The Future Green Irrigation team has over 30 years of experience in installing and servicing residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation systems, using only best-in class products Toro, Hunter and Rainbird lawn sprinklers.

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