Winterizing your lawn sprinkler & irrigation system – Part B

Clearing the water from your lawn sprinkler and/or irrigation system may be the first and most important step in winterization, but it’s hardly the last.

After the water has been removed from the main system, here are some other issues to think about:
–     If your system has a backflow prevention device, you will need to drain any water that is trapped in it too.
–    If you use a hydraulic control system, you’ll need to drain the field tubing as well.
–    Make sure any controllers mounted outdoors are left in the “off” position.
–    Controllers mounted indoors can also simply be turned off, or you can take out the battery backup.
–    Remove any water from cup-style rain sensors.
–    Remember to close off any manual valves you’ve opened during drainage.
–    Remember that you’ll still want to water any trees right up till the point where the ground freezes – a weekly schedule is recommended.
–    It’s a good idea to remove zone valves and store them indoors for the winter.
–    It’s also a good idea to leave drain valves open for a few days after you’ve gotten the water out of the system, just to make sure they’ve dried thoroughly.

Whether you employ a professional or decide to attempt it yourself, the real key to successful winterization of your irrigation system is patience and a very thorough, step by step approach. Every detail will count, and in the spring when it’s ready to start up again, you’ll be glad you took the time to do it properly.

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Looking for sprinkler & irrigation system winterization? Contact us for a free quote by calling (416) 553-7488 in Toronto, (705) 999-0907 in Barrie or Toll Free (866) 936-5296. You and your lawn will be glad you did!

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