Winterizing your lawn sprinkler & irrigation system – Part A

Grass becomes dormant at the end of the growing season, coming back to vibrant life in the spring. Even though your lawn sprinkler or irrigation system isn’t needed during the winter months, there’s more to winterizing your system than simply turning it off. Proper winterization procedures will help to protect your investment and ensure proper function next spring when you’ll need it.

During the coldest months, water will freeze – even in underground systems. Ice can crack and rupture pipes, even those made of synthetic materials like polyethylene. Even if not completely frozen, chunks of ice can cause a backflow that will damage other system components. The first and most important step in winterizing your sprinkler or irrigation system involves clearing out all of the water.

Water can be drained from an irrigation system manually, automatically, or via compressed air, also called “blowout”. For all three methods, the water source is turned off, and then the valves are drained. Manual drainage can be accomplished when the valves are located at the lowest points of the system. Automatic drain valves, which are designed to drain when the water pressure drops below a predetermined level, are also located at the lowest points of the system. Many irrigation systems use a combination of both manual and automatic valves.

Blowout is the most efficient method, and it’s recommended that you use a professionally licensed contractor. For a blowout, the valves are first drained manually. Then, an air compressor is used to force air and whatever water remains in the pipes out via the sprinklers.

–    You’ll want to go through each station several times to be sure they’re cleared.
–    When only air blows out through the sprinkler heads, you’ll know the system is completely drained.
–    To avoid damaging the system, it’s recommended you do not exceed 40 PSI (2.8 kg/cm2) of air pressure.

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